I Built a Secret GIRLS ONLY House! ft. Lizzy Capri


I Built a Secret GIRLS ONLY House! ft. Lizzy Capri with Brianna 👊
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FaZe Rug - THIRD WHEELING 14 YEAR OLD COUPLE!! (very awkward)
The Royalty Family - BABY MILAN is Finally CRAWLING!!! (CAUGHT ON CAMERA)
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    I would put chuckles in my lounge🐓🐓🐓

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    Fab lab

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    Wait waht if boys watch dis :| uh oh u have been discovered

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    So funny🤣🤣🤣

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    all boys be like: ok i memorize where it is ill go and spy on em' imma go to theyre house u n u

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    Ther braging in Again

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    Oki I’m a girl and I literally made that with every pink thing I have even blankets

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    teddy bear

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    I'm just8years old And I love Videos

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    Hey Preston no boys allow

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    i would rate it 20/20

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    this is soo cool

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    It's now boys allowed

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    Why do you say to lazy like thatI know her channel course everyone has a channel ❤️💞😂 i love your channel to

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    I love that when Maddie said yeah like in a prison

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    and preston is pretending to be a girl and his two friend pretending to be a girl too.

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    i see preston tried to sneak in briana's girls only house

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    Could I see your girls only Lounge place and I promise I am a girl

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    Wen i act like im a brat i talk like "Prestina"

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    Can you please do a challenge where bri has to spend 24 hours in the girls lounge

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    I will pick CANDI and I would have pink walls lots of pink stuff with royal be in Lizzie merch

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    World as it is cute games of candy man

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    Rihanna I always don't like you when you're pranking Preston and not letting in

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    Boys Roll

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    Briana for got about wellies teddy

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    Preston's new name is now prestina! Ok? That is what we call "her" now...😝😝

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    I’m a girl

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    I already knew they were just gonna still use their name but just make it girly

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    i'm reting the girls thing 0% i whant ORANGE

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    That "Romeo and Juliet" quote... Brings back memories of me playing Juliet in 2nd grade...

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    Witha k

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    its funny when the boys fall down becuse of the sars

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    If I built a girls only house I would put a lot of cat stuffed toys and would have a lot of k pop posters and also I would have a lot of candy everywhere and make it even more cool and cute. With purple carpet and I would paint it purple it would be awesome and I would invite bri and my friends

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    I rate this a 9

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